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Creating our Community

The pandemic has given the LCE team sometime to think and reflect on what we want the LCE community to be. The big question we are attempting to answer is "How can we create a community where everyone feels responsible for all participants’ language learning experience?"

We wanted to share this set of standards we have created so far. Please join the evolving conversation about these guidelines as our community grows and changes. If you have ideas or feedback or concerns, you can reach out to us at

What we expect

Participation, not perfection. Speaking a new language for the first time can be thrilling, embarrassing, confusing and fun, all at the same time. We foster an environment where everyone is encouraged to participate in the conversation, without fear of being criticized or judged. 

Respect and inclusion. Our community is built on respect for the cultures and languages of all of our members. Our participants come from diverse countries and backgrounds and have diverse learning goals, and all of our participants should feel free to practice languages in a welcoming environment.

What works best

Similar levels of fluency. It is very helpful for partners or groups to share similar levels of fluency in the languages they exchange or practice together. 

Consistent meeting times. A regular, consistent meeting time (once per week or twice per month) helps build relationships and makes scheduling easier. 

Give it time to work. Expect that it can take a little time for partners or a group to find their own rhythm. Having a structure for the meetings helps too. We have more ideas for partners here and for small groups here.

What we provide

Platforms to connect. The LCE provides platforms (website, Slack) and events (conversation cafes, special events, small groups) to help participants connect with other language learners in the MIT community who want to exchange languages or practice a language together.  

Guidelines and resources. We have guidelines and resources to help make conversation exchanges and small groups mutually beneficial to all participants. 

A trusted team. And our team is a trusted resource you can turn to in case you have a question or concern, or if you want to share your ideas or feedback.

What we won’t allow

Inappropriate content. On any of our platforms or in any of our events, we do not allow profanity (in any language), inappropriate content (such as nudity or violence), or promotion of any personal interests or businesses. 

Harassment. Our respectful community will not allow bullying or making fun of other participants for any reason. Repeated contact with a person who does not respond is not allowed. 

Non-language exchanges. Please use our platforms and events for conversation exchange requests only - requests about romantic dates, tutoring, or employment opportunities are not appropriate.