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friends in Barcelona

In case you want to travel over IAP…

College study abroad programs are really great. You get to travel and experience living in another country, and it’s possible to do so on a college student budget. But what if you’re pursuing a really technical major, and it’s hard to get outside credit from a school in another country? And what if you’ve got other plans for the summer—like an internship, or research, or going home to see family?

japanese dinner

Dinner in a Japanese household

I was initially a bit uncomfortable and closed off because I was late, and I didn’t see what I, a random undergraduate, could provide for them other than take a picture together as per the librarian’s request. I didn’t even have to think before answering basic questions that they asked in Japanese — questions about my major, school year, my reasons for coming to Japan, and so on. I had already spent a month answering these questions almost daily. When they asked about my internship, however, I lit up.